Piedmont Bed & Breakfast of Charme in Villa Monferrato Alessandria - Italy
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Bed & Breakfast Colle Aperto
(4 stars superior)

Quargnento - Alessandria (Monferrato) - Piedmont - Italy

Where gently rolling hills extend into the distant horizon, where the Ligurian Apennines and Mount Monviso embrace and frame this picturesque view, lies a hill kissed by the sun from dawn to dusk. On the top of this hill, like a precious stone set in this panorama, stands an artfully and tastefully completely restructured, refurbished and decorated. farmhouse.

This “Maison de Charme”, pays great attention to each single detail and can meet the requirements of the most refined and demanding guest who seeks peace, calm and wellbeing.

Served on the ground floor, breakfast is full of little treats.
While enjoying the wonderful panorama, you will taste delicious jams, home-made cakes, omelettes with aromatic herbs, cheese and freshly-baked bread.

Guests can enjoy the surroundings while relaxing in the water of the swimming pool which lies amidst ancient or forgotten fruit trees, an old shady mulberry tree, hedgerows smelling of lavender and rose and fields plenty of coloured flowers.

Colle Aperto means also... * Water gym, soft-awakening gym, physiotherapy massages.

Nothing is left to chance in the three romantic rooms on the top floor: décor perfect in every detail, freshly laundered linen bed sheets, “salle de bain” where guests can pamper themselves with exclusive natural products. A lounge with a beautiful fireplace is there to welcome guests at the end of the day, where they can play cards or simply read a good book.

Bed & Breakfast Colle Aperto
Strada Vallerina n°12
15044 Quargnento (Alessandria) Piedmont - Italy
Tel./Fax: +39 0131 519010
Mobile +39 335 6772386